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As a follow up of India’s Call to Action: Child Survival and Development held in February, 2013 in Tamil Nadu, it has been decided that intensification of RMNCH+A(Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescent Health) activities should be undertaken across 184 priority districts in the country, with emphasis on focused action in backward blocks. These 184 high priority districts across 29 states have been identified by MOHFW, based on a “composite health index”.
For each state, MOHFW has identified one Development Partner as a State Lead Partner, who will spearhead necessary technical support especially to these priority districts, harmonized with other Development Partners, to accelerate achievement of desired health outcomes under RMNCH+A. For Jammu & Kashmir NIPI has been entrusted as State Development Partner to accelerate the RMNCH+A strategy in 6 HPDs of Jammu & Kashmir.
NIPI and PHFI in the last year have established a team to support states implementation of RMNCHA activities. 6 District Coordinators are posted at all high priority districts and 2 State Coordinators at State NHM Office for implementation of RMNCH+A strategy in 6 HPDs, J&K. A national coordinator has also been recruited.
State RMNCH+A Unit:
As per the mandate of MoHFW, GoI each State Development Partner is entrusted to set up the State RMNCU+A Unit (SRU) in state with their own technical manpower. The State RMNCH+A Unit constituted by NIPI-PHFI to closely work and support the NHM team at district and state Role and responsibilities of SRU:
• SRU would provide techno managerial support at state level towards improved planning, monitoring, reporting and improving implementation of different programme under the overall umbrella of RMNCH+A
• Plan, supervise, analyze progress and conduct quarterly reviews using dashboard, scorecard and monitoring findings
• Provide monitoring support and supportive supervision of the RMNCH+A intervention being implemented in the state specially in the HPDs
• Provide technical support in need based capacity building of health workers at HPDs
• Provide technical support to district and state in RMNCH+A indicators as per 5X5 matrix.
• Liaison with Health Secretary, DHS, MD (NHM), Director Family Welfare, MCH & Immunization, State Nodal Officer (NHM), Programme Manager (NHM) and other stakeholders for smooth implementation of RMNCH+A in J&K.
• Coordinate with National RMNCH+A Unit, MoHFW, GoI and NIPI-PHFI to strengthen the RMNCH+A
• Coordinate with district level health officials for strengthening the NHM programmes under RMNCH+A strategy.
• Support state and district in preparation of PIP and it’s monitoring
• Develop a strong review mechanism for RMNCH+A
• Provide technical support in HMIS/MCTS strengthening through regular analysis of HMIS and MCTS data for programme review.

[Mail id of SRU, J&K: rmnchaunitjk@gmail.com

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Mr. Tapas Chatterjee

State Coordinator-RMNCH+A




Mr. Saurabh Porwal

State Coordinator-RMNCH+A